What To Expect

When you come to Apple Auto Sales you will experience something you will not experience at any other car dealership:

1.   You will not be "assaulted" by any salespeople when you get out of your car.

2.   We allow you to relax and look around at the vehicles we have in inventory without needless interruptions.

3.   After you have been here for a few minutes, you may be approached by a salesperson who will introduce himself and ask you if he can assist you in any way.

4.   Most people ask about down payment and payments. The salesperson will ask you some simple questions like:

•   You must have a N.C. Drivers License

•   You must live in the Charlotte market area

•   No out of state deals

•   Previous bankruptcies OK (must be discharged or dismissed)

5.   Based on your answers to these questions, the salesperson will immediately be able to tell you the down payment and payments that you qualify for on any vehicle that you are interested in on the lot.

6.   We are looking for people who are "LEGIT." We don't want customers who are trying to "Flim Flam." If you are "Too Legit to Quit" - we want you as a customer (regardless of your previous credit problems).

7.   If at that time, you are interested in finding out more about our financing plan, or want to take a test drive, then you will be asked to bring in your valid N.C. Drivers License and the salesperson will need to get some information from you. It is very helpful if you have a couple of paystubs with you. Or print out the list of "Things to Bring" from under the Buy Here Pay Here tab - and bring as many of those items as you can gather up. After the salesperson fills out a simple form, makes a copy of your valid N.C. Drivers License, then you will be allowed to take a 15 to 20 minute test drive.

8.   If you decide to buy or to put a vehicle in Layaway, your salesperson will fill out some required paperwork and give you some instructions.

9.   Follow the instructions that your salesperson gives you.

10.   The verification department will verify the information you supplied on the application.

11.   Once your application is verified and approved, your salesperson will call you and give you the good news. If you have told the truth on your application - we have a 99% Approval Rate. It is only when there are discrepencies between what is on the application and what is verfied that there might be a problem.

Call us at 704-399-7283 to find out more about us and our buy here pay here plan.

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Charlotte, NC 28208
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