Please Don't Ask

This is a funny list we have compiled of Things not to say to a Buy Here Pay Here Salesperson! Apple Auto Sales, Inc. (704-399-7283)

•   I ain’t got no job!
•   I was on my other job for 2 years
•   We’re gonna put it in my girlfriend’s name
•   I don’t have a NCDL – and I’m not gonna get one
•   I just got transferred
•   Get the keys
•   Come outside
•   I just moved here
•   My tax refund is my job!
•   My car got stolen 2 nights ago. Translation: My car just got repo’d!
•   I left my drivers license at home
•   I’ve got my drivers license number!
•   Its 6:00PM: I want to drive home TODAY!
•   Oh! I’ve got to put money down?
•   Do you have a first-time buyers plan? Translation: Do you have a no down payment plan?
•   Do you take trade-ins? Translation: Can I get in a car with nothing down and just my trade?
•   I want to turn this car into a taxi!
•   I own my own business and I have no proof of income!
•   I don’t get a check stub!
•   I get paid cash and I don't have ANY tax records!
•   I work at a day care and I don't get no check stub!
•   I’m a stripper and you know I don't get no paystub!
•   Does the radio work?
•   I’m a carpenter or a painter and I’m gonna use this van for my work. Translation: If the van gets repod there will be no seats in it
•   I don’t have a job but money ain’t the issue. Translation: I’m a drug dealer.
•   Payment ain’t the problem
•   I live in NC but I work in SC. Translation: 35,000 miles per year
•   What’s the cash price on this car?
•   I start my job on Monday!
•   I get paid unemployment!
•   Hell no my Mom won’t cosign!
•   What’s wrong with it?
•   How much for the Lac?
•   Whatcha got on that Ac?
•   I’m getting a settlement
•   I need a car now ‘cause I’m gonna be going out of town next week
•   Do y’all rent cars?
•   What kind of cologne do you wear?
•   I have my own record label.
•   Where do I work? I make BEATS!
•   I used to repo cars
•   I’m a preacher
•   I’m a good Christian tryn’ to do right
•   You won’t take 2 stacks down for that?
•   My daddy owns a car lot!

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