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Common Questions for Apple Auto Sales

How much are your down payments?

All of our buy here, pay here inventory clearly state the minimum required down payments along with all of our other minimum requirements. If you don't meet our minimum requirements, your down payment can be higher. It is probably best to give us a call and we can tell you what vehicles are available and what their down payments will be AND we can tell you what SPECIALS we have at this time.

Why do I need a down payment?

Simply stated, down payment is GLUE. It helps to keep a deal together. Down payment shows us that you are serious enough to commit to a loan that you are willing to put your hard earned money down in order to finance your vehicle purchase. People should look at down payment as a good thing. It reduces the term of the loan and you then pay it off quicker.

What if I get paid weekly or bi-weekly or semi-monthly or monthly?

At Apple Auto Sales, we set your payments up based on how you get paid. For example, if you get paid bi-weekly, we will set your payments up every 2 weeks (when you get paid).

Why do I have to pay every time I get paid?

Well, it is a proven fact that some people get bad credit because they cannot budget on a monthly basis. At Apple Auto Sales, since we use "Your Job Is Your Credit" we want you to budget your payments when you get paid. It makes it easier for our customers and for us.

Can I pay my payments ahead?

Yes you can! We will not turn down your money! Some of our customers pay even months ahead. This gives them the flexibility to either skip payments when they need to or to pay off their vehicle early.

How come you don't sell vehicles to people who live in S.C.?

We are such a small company, and it got to be such a burden to get title work done out of state that we decided to end it altogether. We are very sorry!

Who came up with the Rev Rob ads?

Why!, it was the owner of the company, Rob Christensen, who came up with the Rev Rob ad campaign.

Is Rev Rob a real reverend?

No, he just plays a fake one on TV!

Did you get kicked off some TV stations?

Yes, we did get kicked off some local TV stations. Back in 1997, when we first aired the Rev Rob ad campaign...we were kicked off of WSOC-TV Channel 9 in one week and WBTV Channel 3 in two weeks! They said that they were getting over 80 irate phone calls a day. The ads are very effective but can be somewhat controversial, especially here in the bible belt. I guess Channel 9 and Channel 3 just don't have the kahunas! But, WCCB-TV Channel 18 and Time Warner Cable stuck with us and still run these ads to this day.

Where does the slap sound effect come from?

Well, this is a little known fact and a cute piece of trivia. We spent alot of time trying to find the perfect slap sound when Rev Rob slaps people upside the head. It is very hard to find a sound effect that sounds like a slap. We tried slapping our hands together. That didn't sound right. We tried a belt against a table. It seemed that everything we tried ended up sounding lame! Finally, we found a sound effect CD and settled on the sound of an M-1 Carbine rifle firing a single gunshot round. It was perfect! I bet this changes your perspective when you view the ads now!!

How did you come up with the Rev Rob ad concept?

Well, it was around the year 1979, when I was attending high school at Highlands Christian Academy in Pompano Beach, Florida. My friend, Phil Waite, would mimic the famous reverend Ernest Ansley by saying, "Put your hands on the TV set and I will Heeeeel you!" That stuck into my mind and the concept developed even before I opened Apple Auto Sales in 1989. Well, it was around that time that the Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker fiasco was going on. I wanted to run the campaign then, but I chickened out because we were a brand new business and I didn't want to take on a big risk by airing a controversial commercial campaign. But, in 1997, my salespeople talked me into it and the rest is history...

Do you really heal people's credit?

Yes we do help to rebuild people's credit. At Apple Auto Sales, we report our customer's payments to the credit bureau every month. This can help to improve your credit and credit score. Many of our customers use their re-established credit to go on to buy new cars or new homes in the future. It warms our hearts to know that we may have helped others to help themselves.

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