Reality Check

This page is designed to instruct you that what people want is often NOT REALITY!

If you come to our dealership and say:

•   I just started my job...
•   I get paid cash...
•   I live in a motel...
•   I want the nicest vehicle on the lot with little or nothing down and low payments...
•   I'm gonna put it in my girlfriend's name...
•   And I want my vehicle Right Now!...

Well, let me give you a REALITY CHECK!! IT AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN...

At Apple Auto Sales, we are looking for 3 traits in a person with Bad Credit:

1.   Stability on your REAL JOB
2.   Ability to PAY
3.   "REALITY"

If you exhibit these traits - CALL US AT 704-399-7283

If not, go somewhere else to buy a vehicle. Now, that is REALITY.

Apple Auto Sales
2800 Freedom Drive
Charlotte, NC 28208
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