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Credit Bureau Reporting

About Us At Apple Auto Sales, Inc. we are committed to helping you to improve your credit score if you make your payments to us on time.

We report your payments to the credit bureau every month IMMEDIATELY after you purchase your vehicle from us. Most buy here pay here lots don't do this - so if you are out shopping around at other places, make sure that you ask if they do. Everybody likes to improve their credit - and Apple Auto Sales tries to make it easier for you to do so.

Many of our customers have used their re-established credit to go on to buy new vehicles or new homes after paying on vehicles from us and improving their credit.

Let's work together to make things better for all of us! Give us a call at 704-399-7283 to see How to Qualify or Things to Bring or to see if our plan can work for you. Our plan works best for good people - who just so happen to have bad credit.

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